Aspex at Home - Mini Makers 29/07/20 | Tin foil sculpting

Hello and welcome to Mini Makers at Home. This week we're going to be using tin foil as a sculpting tool!

Don’t forget to share your artwork with us by tagging @aspex_takepart and using the hashtag #AspexatHome.

Aspex at Home - Mini Makers 08/07/20 | Time Capsules

Hi everyone! Welcome to another special session of Mini Makers for Childrens Art Week. The theme is connecting across generations, so we're going to be making time capsules! 

A time capsule is a container storing a selection of objects that commemorate the current time, to be put away and discovered in the future.
The idea with ours is to create a time capsule about our life as it is at the moment, and to hide it away for a really long time until we've grown up and can show future generations the treasures inside!

Aspex at Home - Minimakers 01/07/20 | Nature play

Hi everyone, welcome to Mini Makers at Home. Today is a special session for Childrens Art Week, the theme of today is The Natural World.
So what we are doing is using clay and natural objects to create playful sculptures. Remember to pick any plants or flowers responsibly and don't forget to share your creations with us!

Aspex at Home - Family Saturdays 27/06/20 | Embossing with Jordan

Hi everyone! Jordan here with another Family Saturday’s at home. Hope you are all well! We will be making a family timeline using custom motifs that represents ourselves and embossing them. Click through to find out how to make it!

Here is the list of basic materials you will need. As well as this list wWe need to use a  clean kitchen or bathroom sink. TIP! This process works best on thicker paper!

Soak your paper to soften the fibers. Fill your clean sink with water about a finger's depth will suffice. Fully submerge your paper into the water and soak for a minimum 10 mins. You may want to add a timer.
Note! You may want to get stages 2 to 4 done within this 10 minute or so time scale. If not just leave your paper in the water until you are done.

On your cereal box card draw your motif out 3 times. TIP! It’s best to keep your shape super simple, try to translate your image into a silhouette with clean edges as seen in the image.

Once drawn out cut out all 3 symbols and glue / tape th…

Aspex at Home - Mini Makers 24/06/20 | Textiles


Aspex at Home - Family Saturdays 20/06/20 | Collage characters with Abi

Welcome to Family Saturdays at home! Follow this post to make some cut-and-paste collage characters inspired by the artwork of Hannah Höch.

Materials: Magazines, scissors, card (glue if you want to keep your characters).

Cut out eyes, noses and mouths from some old magazines.

Cut out eyes, noses and mouths from some old magazines.

Arrange them to make faces. Move the features to change their expressions.

Don’t forget to share your artwork with us by tagging on Instagram @aspex_takepart and using the hashtag #AspexatHome.