#AspexatHome - Episode 1 | Family Saturdays 21/03/20

Welcome to our first Family Saturdays at home! Follow this post to make yourself some cool salt dough creations, inspired by ceramicist Kitty Hall.
Kitty uses waste materials to achieve her interesting textures, have a go and see what you can do with items you find around your home.

Traces from recent Brighton University graduate Kitty Hall, showcases a collection of ice-cream coloured ceramic vessels, cast with cardboard indentations used to package tins, cans and bottles. 

In a bowl mix the ingredients into a ball, and knead into a stretchy consistency. Flour the table & start to play!
If you don’t have the ingredients for salt dough, you can use clay, play dough or even make miniature creations with sticky tack!

Try not to make the sides to thin or they might break!

Share your artwork with us on Instagram by tagging @aspex_takepart and using the hashtag #AspexatHome